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Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church

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The Pastoral Council is the coordinating and unifying structure of the parish community. It enables the faithful to participate fully in the mission of the parish. It is responsible for assisting the pastor in developing the spiritual life and direction of the parish. In light of faith, members of the council strive to become a Christian team of caring people, a small faith community, and sign of unity to the parish community that they represent.

The Pastoral Council is a representative body composed of the following members:

1. Parish Men’s Group Chair

2. Parish Women’s Group (CCW) Chair

3. Finance Committee Chair

4. Spanish Community Chair

5. Haitians Community Chair

6. 55 and Elder Chair

7. Knights of Columbus Grand Knight

8. Knights of Columbus Faithful Navigator

9. Ladies Auxiliary Chair

10. St Vincent de Paul Chair

11. Ministry of the Sick Chair

12. Loaves and Fishes Chair

Special Committee members (Special Appointees) 5-8

1. Stewardship/Legacy League ministry Chair

2. Development Committee Chair

3. Ecumenical Committee Chair

4. Vocations Committee Chair

5. Liturgy Commission Chair

6. Family Life and Respect Life Committee Chair

7. Evangelization Committee Chair

Observer Participants

1. Pastor and Staff Representatives (2)

2. Any members not yet in full communion

3. Any parishioner invited to the council meeting

Meetings are held on the last Monday of the Month at 7:00PM

Monthly Investment Time:  8 hours

Contact Person:  Joe Perry

Phone 321-984-0397

E-mail: jperry5333@gmail.com

The Pastor forms the Council by inviting members who would be resources in providing useful advice to him. Working with the pastor, the Council fosters good communication, clarifies the parish vision, establishes goals and evaluates the needs of the community. They offer useful and creative insights and recommendations to the pastor in order to help the pastor make informed decisions for the good of the church.