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Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church

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It was in 1989, that Bishop Grady of our Diocese created a new parish in Palm Bay and contracted with the Servite Order to staff the parish.  The Fr. Jim Dore, Pastor, was assisted at various times by Fr. Tom Crotty, Fr. Carl Fiel, Fr. John Martin, and Fr. Damian Charboneau. By late 1990 the Parish Council formed both a Building Committee and a Fund RaisingCommittee to develop our own church.

In August 1992 we broke ground on ten acres of land facing Malabar Road.  The building was designed to serve present and future needs of a parish population which had exceeded 800 family units.  Meeting in several temporary facilities for Mass, it was with great anticipation that we watched the building progress for the next 8 months.

In August of 2012, Bishop John Noonan assigned Fr. Emmanuel Akalue to Our Lady of Grace. As a summertime guest to the parish for several years, Fr. Emmanuel made many friends during his visits and was warmly welcomed as pastor.  Rev. Fr. Emmanuel brings his catechetical expertise and love of the Catholic Church to our richly diverse community.  Rev. Fr. Tom Shea, a retired priest from the Holy Cross Order who worked in Peru for many years, assists Fr. Emmanuel with the Latino community and Sunday Masses. He had worked previously with Rev. Fr. Emmanuel’s predecessor, Rev. Fr. Leo Hodges. In June 2013, Bishop Noonan appointed Fr. Aland Jean as Parochial Vicar to Our Lady of Grace. He is responsible for the Haitian Ministry at St. Joseph's Catholic Parish, Palm Bay.

In 1998, as our parish community exceeded 2000 families, the need to expand our facilities became apparent.  New committees were formed to plan for a new rectory, additional office and meeting rooms, and a parish hall.

Our first Mass was celebrated in our new church building on April 17, 1993, with its dedication by Bishop Norbert Dorsey on June 13, 1993, the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ.

Parish History

By late 1999, the Servites were no longer able to staff the parish and in February of 2000, Bishop Dorsey appointed Fr. Leo Hodges to Pastor Our Lady of Grace.  It became his responsibility to see the project to its completion.







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